At Charles Towne Pediatrics we feel that it is very important and make it our top priority to vaccinate infants, children, and teenagers against life threatening diseases. 

Bacterial meningitis, measles, paralysis and death from polio, and other serious diseases once common in patients are now rarely seen thanks to vaccinations.

After countless studies, there has not been a link shown between autism or developmental problems with giving multiple vaccinations at once, or the MMR vaccine and thimerosal.

We encourage families to read reliable articles that address vaccine safety:

                       American Academy of Pediatrics - Vaccine Studies: Examine the Evidence

Vaccinations are constantly being analyzed and studied. Our doctors and staff participate in ongoing education on vaccine safety.

Our providers will spend all the necessary time reviewing the risks vs benefits during the well child visits with you and your child. It is important to us to work with you in vaccinating your child as they grow into adults. If you feel that you must absolutely refuse vaccinating your child it may better benefit you and your family to find a pediatrician that shares similar views.  

For more information on vaccination schedules and vaccines please visit the following:
Immunization Schedule for Children:

                    Recommended Immunization Schedules for Persons Aged 0 Through 18 Years

Vaccine Information Statements:

                    CDC - Vaccine Information Statements

Reliable Sources Of Immunization Information

                    Immunization Action Coalition - Reliable Sources Of Immunization Information.